Sweet Alchemy

Game overview

Play’n Go Sweet Alchemy Slot Overview
Experience a nice sugar rush like no other with Play’n Go’s Sweet Alchemy slot. Spin the reels of this mouthwatering slot and see what tasty treats Candy the sorceress has cooked up. With loads of exciting features and lots of delicious sweets filling the reels, there are more than enough reasons why you should play.

Play’n Go Sweet Alchemy Slot reels
How To Play The Sweet Alchemy Slot
Sweet Alchemy is really easy to play. Along the bottom you’ll see some betting options listed. Use the arrows on either side to scroll through these and select the amount you want to bet with. The options start at 0.10 and end at 100.00. When you’re happy with your bet, hit the large green pentagon-shaped button to give the reels a spin. To the right of this is a smaller orange button that turns on the slot’s autoplay mode. Choose a number of spins and, if you like, set up some limits so you don’t end up losing too much money. The reels will then be spun your chosen number of times automatically without you having to do anything.

Sweet Alchemy Slot Features

  • Sweet Theme. Sweet Alchemy is themed after sweets and is set high up in the sky, with the reels set on pink clouds. To the right of the reels is a sorceress, Candy, and the simmering cauldron she uses to create all sorts of irresistible sweet concoctions.
  • Cluster Wins. The slot’s played on a 5x5 grid and doesn’t have any paylines. Instead, you win by forming clusters of four or more matching symbols that are horizontally or vertically adjacent to one another. The bigger the cluster, the bigger the payout.
  • Symbols. Eight standard symbols appear on the reels and can give you wins when forming clusters. These symbols are an assortment of sweet treats in different colours and shapes. The most valuable of these is the yellow star-shaped sweet - form a cluster of more than eight of this symbol and you’ll be rewarded with a payout worth 30x your bet.
  • Bonus Symbols. Sweet Alchemy has no fewer than four wilds, all of which substitute for all standard symbols to help you win. The circular rainbow-coloured wild has no extra effect. There are two striped wilds (one with red, orange and yellow stripes, one with green, blue and purple stripes) that remove an entire row of column of symbols when they form part of a winning cluster. Finally, there’s the dotted wild, which is a brown sweet with multicoloured dots on it. When this wild is part of a winning cluster, it removes all instances of a randomly determined standard symbol.
  • Cascading Symbols. Whenever you form a winning cluster, all of the winning symbols vanish from the reels. Then, the gaps that they’ve left behind are filled by symbols dropping down from above. This can result in new winning clusters being formed. Thanks to this feature, you can potentially keep on landing many consecutive wins all because of one single spin of the reels.

Play’n Go Sweet Alchemy Slot paytable
Sweet Alchemy Bonus Features

  • Sugar Rush Meter. To the bottom right of the reels is a meter that fills up with winning symbols whenever you win and keeps on filling so long as you get consecutive wins. It resets if symbols drop but no new wins are produced. Collect set numbers of winning symbols and you’ll activate certain bonuses:
    • Six Symbols. Two standard rainbow-coloured wilds are added to the reels in random positions.
    • 13 Symbols. Two striped wilds are added to the reels in random positions. They remove all symbols in a row or column.
    • 25 Symbols. Two dotted wilds are added to the reels in random positions. They remove all instances of one standard symbol each.
    • 38 Symbols. You get to play the Mix The Elixir bonus round.
  • Mix The Elixir. This is the slot’s free spins round and is played with three Candy Spells. While you need 38 symbols in the Sugar Rush Meter to trigger the feature, every three additional symbols in the meter after the 38 give you one extra Candy Spell, up to a maximum of seven. This feature is played on an extra large 9x9 grid. The three Candy Spells are as follows:
    • Mixed Candy. The symbols are shuffled to potentially form new winning clusters.
    • Sweet Surprise. Four to 12 wilds of any kind are added to the reels in random positions.
    • Sugar Bombs. Four to 19 symbols are removed from the reels.
  • After your first free spin and once any Cascades from that spin are over, you get the Mixed Candy bonus. Then, after your second spin you get the Sweet Surprise bonus, followed by the Sugar Bombs bonus after your third spin.
  • Elixir Of Power Bonus. As you play the Mix The Elixir feature, you’ll see to the bottom right  of the reels a special Bonus collection meter. You fill it by collecting the required symbols - a low-paying one and a high-paying one. Fill it once and you’ll get to play the Elixir Of Power Bonus. This is a pick-me game where you select pieces of chocolate from a large chocolate bar to reveal potion bottles. There are five potion bottles, each one offering a prize that’s a multiple or your bet or a multiple of your total win. Match three to win the corresponding prize. Filling the meter for a second and third time enhances the bonus you get from this feature.
  • Map. Every time you fill the Elixir Of Power Bonus collection meter, you move one space along the path on the map. For every three spaces you move, you’re given a treasure chest that rewards you with a cash prize.

Play’n Go Sweet Alchemy Slot special features
Play Sweet Alchemy For free
Sweet Alchemy certainly has a lot going on! Spin the reels of this sweet slot for free to get used to how all the special features, then have a go at it with free and try to form huge winning clusters for some extra large payouts!

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