Reel King Mega

Game overview

Red Tiger Gaming Reel King Mega Slot Overview
Reel King Mega is the latest installment in Red Tiger Gaming’s Reel King series. Released in May, this low volatility video slot is on the simpler side, yet it does have a few special features that are quite appealing. Keep on reading to find out more about this slot and how you can end up playing five mini-slots at once!

Red Tiger Gaming Reel King Mega slot game reels
How to Play the Reel King Mega Slot
Once you’ve got the Reel King Mega slot up on your screen, the first thing to do is to adjust your bet value. In the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, you’ll see the current bet value displayed. Adjust this to the one you want; options range from 0.20 to 200 per spin. Then, to spin the reels simply click on the large yellow button with two arrows on it over on the right. The slot has an autoplay feature that you can turn on by clicking on the ‘AUTO’ button. Decide how many times you want the slot to spin the reels for you and what limits you want to put in place (such as how much you can win or lose before the spins stop).

Red Tiger Gaming Reel King Mega slot game paytable
Reel King Mega Slot Features

  • Riches Theme. Reel King Mega has a loose riches and wealth theme. The slot’s backdrop features piles of gold coins and one of the symbols that you can win with is a sack of gold coins. The slot has a classic fruit machine feel to it since it’s designed to resemble a more basic slot and most of the symbols are the sorts of symbols you’d see on fruit machines.
  • 20 Paylines. When playing Reel King Mega, there are 20 paylines in total that you’re able to form winning combinations on. A winning combination is a chain of three or more matching symbols on adjacent reels that starts on the leftmost reel.
  • Symbols. There are eight symbols in total that you’ll see appear on the reels as you play the slot. Seven of these are standard symbols that offer payouts for three or more on a payline. These include four card ranks (A, K, Q, and J), as well as a cluster of cherries, a blueberry and a sack of gold coins. The two fruit symbols are the least valuable, while the sack of gold coins is the most valuable, rewarding you with a payout worth 25x your stake should you land five on a payline. Finally, there’s the joker’s hat wild, which substitutes for any standard symbol to help you win.
  • King’s Crown. This feature can be triggered on any random spin. The king’s crown appears and bounces around the grid, turning any symbols it hits into wilds. These new wilds may help you form new winning combinations.

Red Tiger Gaming Reel King Mega slot game special features
Reel King Mega Bonus Rounds
Usually, the slot’s reels are blue and white. However, on any spin, any number of reels may be yellow instead. If all five reels happen to be yellow on the same spin, the Reel King feature gets triggered. The reels all turn purple and on each one Mr. Reel himself appears. He’s a large, round king with a one-row, three-reel slot where his stomach should be. All five Mr. Reel slots contain the same symbols: yellow 7s, red 7s, and blue 7s, along with black diamonds. 

Each of these slots spins independently at the same time. You receive a payout for every Mr. Reel slot that has three 7s land. If a black diamond appears, that slot is out of action and stops spinning. The feature comes to an end once all five slots have had black diamonds appear and have stopped spinning. Once the feature ends, you’re paid your winnings. You receive 2x your bet for every combination of any three 7s, 5x your bet for every line of three blue 7s, 10x your bet for every line of three yellow 7s and 25x your bet for every line of red 7s.

Play Reel King Mega for free
Reel King Mega is a straightforward yet exciting slot that’s well worth a play. Check it out for free then once you’re used to how it works, have a go for free. Let’s hope you manage to land enough yellow reels to play the Reel King feature, which can prove quite lucrative!

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